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What is Blast?

Behavioral-based mining rewards represent the hottest trend in the crypto industry. Blast is a referral-driven crypto rewards platform that allows users the ability to earn cryptocurrencies for doing things they are already doing. Blast only promotes promising blockchain projects that deliver end user utility.

Currently, Blast members will find eFIN and CBET listed in the dashboard. eFIN is the world's first ever multi-protocol, cross-chain, non-custodial, Tor network privacy DEX with decentralized automatic order matching. CBET is a casino rewards coin that is mined through casino gameplay at CryptoBet. 100% of the net gaming revenues from CryptoBet are paid out to CBET holders in Bitcoin.

Several more projects are scheduled to launch soon on Blast, including .DOT, Infinitesimal and Esports.io. You can find out more about these upcoming product releases in the Projects section in the Blast dashboard.

What Are Behavioral-Based Mining Rewards?

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Consumer rewards programs have long been used in traditional retail to reward customer loyalty.


Behavior-based mining let you earn rewards for doing things you're already doing — such as shopping, using an exchange, or playing games.


Your crypto rewards are paid directly to your decentralized wallet in the eFIN DEX — giving you full control over your coins.


All this month, you can earn 3X more CBET coins every time you play casino games (including live dealers) and bet on sports at CryptoBet! For full details about this limited time opportunity, make sure to register now at Blast and read the CBET Whitepaper.

Earn CBET coins with every wager you make at CryptoBet in the casino. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; you will still earn CBET every time you play a casino game. Your CBET coins will be deposited to your CBET wallet in eFIN once a day, and 100% of the net gaming revenue from CryptoBet will be distributed to CBET holders in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

CBET coins

Become a Blast Partner and Receive Exclusive Benefits!

Partners literally cash in on all coin projects that are launched on Blast. This includes enhanced staking multipliers and bonuses, preferential coin release schedules, and Airdrops from new listings

Not only that, you also get to earn your share of the trading fees generated on the eFIN DEX, double your EFIN referral pay, enjoy free unlimited trading at EFIN, score 100,000 EFIN coins for a limited time, enjoy heavily discounted private coin pre-sale opportunities, and more!